Inputs (Array of WhiteLabels to update)

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdGuid This is the unique id of the WhiteLabel that should be updated

Namestring New name of the WhiteLabel

Keystring New Key of the WhiteLabel

 Urlstring New Url of the WhiteLabel

 Commentstring New Comment of the WhiteLabel


NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
BrickIdGuidAll WhiteLabels in the request is returned along with Errors per WhiteLabel

Code examples

C# - Update WhiteLabel
public static void UpdateWhiteLabel()
            var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
            binding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = Int32.MaxValue;

            var target = new bfsapi.bfsapiSoapClient(binding, new EndpointAddress("http://apiurl:20010/bfsapi.asmx"));

            var req = new bfsapi.UpdateWhiteLabelsRequest()
                Credentials = new bfsapi.Credentials
                    UserName = "user",
                    Password = "password"
                identify = "identifier",

                Fields = new bfsapi.UpdateWhiteLabelFields()
                    Name = true,
                    Url = true

                Entities = new bfsapi.UpdateWhiteLabel[]
                    new bfsapi.UpdateWhiteLabel
                        BrickId = new Guid("5d263308-ff11-48d7-bd94-41aac88ac8e7"),
                        Name = "NewName",
                        Url = "NewUrl"


            var resp = target.UpdateWhiteLabel(req);