2. Configure custom fields for the fund company

There might be certain values that should be stored on the fund company, like in this instance we need to store a few values that will be used to report the fund holdings to its custodian SEB.

To do this we work with custom fields where we can create fields ad-hoc in BFS.

For the sake of reporting holdings to SEB we need to store what is called the sender id on the fund company. To do this we navigate to the fund company and click on Details.

From the Details view, we find the Action menu and click on Edit Custom Fields.

We then click on Add.

There we add a new field with the exact name: SEB_BreakDownSenderId

It is important with the right capitalization of the characters as well since this is case sensitive.

As the Value, we enter what the bank, in this case, SEB, has assigned to us.

This is it for the Fund Company and we are all set!

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