Selling an MFEX-fund using bankgiro or domestic bank transfer

When selling an MFEX-fund it is now possible to select not only autogiro but also bankgiro and bank transfer as settlement account. 

Select settlement account and fill in information about the order and click Confirm to proceed whit the sell. 

On the customer, an MFEX order and a withdrawal order is created that has order status placed. 


The withdrawal order will be visible in the order list for withdrawal orders, this order can not be managed until the MFEX order is finished. The withdrawal order will have a link symbol which means that it is a pending order. The order is linked to another order in this particular example the MFEX-order.  

Handle the MFEX-order according to the workflow and when the MFEX-order is settled and finished the withdrawal order will automatically get order status Filled. The link symbol will be blue  which means that it's now active. 

The withdrawal order can now be handled according to the workflow, either through Supplier payments (Leverantörsbetalningar) - BankGiro (if you have that add-on activated) or through How to withdraw cash in Bricknode Broker

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