Filter Inputs

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdGuid[]Filter by AllocationOrderId

AccountGuid?Filter by AccountId

ReBalanceInstanceGuid?Filter by ReBalanceInstanceId

CreatedDateFromDateTime?When used, both from date and to date should be provided in the request


AllocationItemsAllocationItems[]Filter by AllocationItems

ReservationItemsReservationItems[]Filter by ReservationItems

OrderNosstring[]Filter by order numbers

CreatedByIdGuid?Filter by created user

Statesstring[]Filter by states (AllocationOrder_Created,AllocationOrder_OngoingAllocation,AllocationOrder_Finished,AllocationOrder_Canceled)

Response rows (Array) inherits from EntityBase

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
BrickIdGuidId of the allocation order
AccountGuid?Id of the account to which the order belongs

Id of the pre trade report from an allocation profile (for those allocation orders that belongs to a pre trade report)

CreatedDateDateTimeDate when allocation order was created
AllocationItemsAllocationItems[]List of AllocationItem
ReservationItemsReservationItems[]List of ReservationItem
OrderNostringOrder number of the order
CreatedByIdGuid?Id of user that created the order
StatestringState of order

Code example

C# - Get Allocation Orders from a BFS instance
var client = new BFSServiceReference.bfsapiSoapClient(); 
var credentials = new BFSServiceReference.Credentials()
    UserName = bfsusername, //Username of administrative user in your instance of BFS
    Password = bfspassword, //Password of the administrative user in your instance of BFS
var request = new GetAllocationOrderRequest
    Credentials = credentials,    
    identify = bfsidentifier, //Identifier is a unique token for your instance of BFS
    //Select the fields you want the response to contain
    Fields = new GetAllocationOrderFields
        Account = true,
		AllocationItems = true,
        BrickId = true,
        CreatedById = true,
        CreatedDate = true,
        OrderNo = true,
        ReBalanceInstance = true,
        ReservationItems = true
    //Empty filter gets all allocation orders from the system    
    Args = new GetAllocationOrderArgs()
var response = client.GetAllocationOrders(request); //result from the BFS instance 

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