Inputs (GetFeeRecordArgs) 

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdsGuid[]The ids of the FeeRecords to extract.No 2.38
AccountBrickIdsGuid[]The brick id of the accounts from which the FeeRecords should be extracted.No 2.38
FeeRecordStatusesFeeRecordStatus[]The statuses of the FeeRecords to extract. Can be  "Active" or "Inactive".No 2.38
 CurrencyCodesstring[]The currency codes of the FeeRecords to get.No 2.38
 SellToCoverMethodsSellToCoverMethod[]Argument to specify FeeRecord extraction based on values on the SellToCoverMethod property.No 2.38
FeeTypesFeeType[]The types of fees to get.No2.39

Response GetFeeRecordResponse inherits from ResponseBase

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
EntitiesFeeRecordDto[]An array of FeeRecordDto. 2.38
MessagestringA response message, "OK" if nothing went wrong and otherwise and error message.2.38
IsErrorboolA bool to describe if the entire request went wrong. If true then nothing was extracted, if false then all individual FeeRecords that could be extracted were extracted.2.38

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