Inputs (DeleteFeeRecordArgs)

The FeeRecordDto is an abstract class with four different concrete implementations: FixedAmountFeeRecordDto, AumPercentageFeeRecordDto, PerformancePercentageFeeRecordDto and DepositPercentageFeeRecordDto. These implementation classes reflect that it is possible to create four types of fees. Fixed fees are based on a nominal amount in a certain currency while percentage based fees extract a proportion of something (total assets held, total return or deposited amount).

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
IdGuidThe id of the FeeRecord. Yes 2.38
AccountBrickIdGuidThe brick id of the account that has the FeeRecord . Yes 2.38

Response DeleteFeeRecordResponse inherits from ResponseBase

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
EntitiesFeeRecordDto[]An array of deleted FeeRecords.2.38
MessagestringA response message, "OK" if nothing went wrong and otherwise and error message.2.38
IsErrorboolA bool to describe if the entire request went wrong. If true then nothing was deleted, if false then all individual FeeRecords that could be deleted were deleted.2.38