NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
TradingVenueBrickIdGuid?You can input a BrickId that represents the TradingVenue where this trade was executed for use in TRS reporting. If the execution was made directly on an exchange you could get the primary market of the instrument using GetInstruments or if the trade was executed off exchange with a broker as the counterparty for example you should input the BrickId of the TradingVenue called OTC and uses the code XOFF for TRS reporting. You can find out the BrickId of this TradingVenue by using the following method: GetTradingVenuesNo2.36
TRSTradingCapacityEnumYou can select between enum values AOTC, DEAL, MATCH or UNDEFINED.Yes2.36
INTCBoolBy setting this to true it will influence the TRS report with regards to who the buyer or seller is. If INTC is true it means the house is the buyer and if it is false then the Person who conducts the trade is the direct buyer of the instrument.Yes2.36

The transactionId of the trade, given by the broker counterparty.


An enum with which you can select the values USER or ALGO depending on whether the trade was conducted by a user (real person) or an algorithm.