Inputs (Reservation[]) inherits from EntityBase

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
AccountGuidAccount of the reservation true 
AssetGuidAsset of the reservation true 

Reservations can be linked to different type of orders, these are:

SubscriptionOrders - If a subscription order is referenced the reservation will have reserved the inputted asset in relationship to the subscription order and when the subscription order is progressed to create a TradeOrder the reservation will be removed and a new reservation for the same asset and amount will be created for the resulting TradeOrder.



ReservedAmountTradedecimalAmount for trade dimension 

ReservedAmountSettlementdecimalAmount for settle dimenstion

OverrideMustCoverboolBy default this property is set to false. When setting it to true, the api will bypass validation of the creation of the Reservation, in terms of the account having sufficient funds of the asset. If an account has MustCover set to true and OverrideMustCover is set to true, no validation is performed. If an account has MustCover set to true and OverrideMustCover set to false, validation will be performed.

Response rows

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
BrickIdGuidThe BrickId (unique id) of the created 

Code examples

C# - Create reservations
 public static void CreateReservation()
            var binding = new BasicHttpBinding();
            binding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = Int32.MaxValue;
            var target = new bfsapi.bfsapiSoapClient(binding, new EndpointAddress("http://localhost:20010/bfsapi.asmx"));
            var req = new CreateReservationRequest();
            req.Credentials = new bfsapi.Credentials
                UserName = "username",
                Password = "passworkd"

            req.identify = "identify";

            var orderRef = Guid.NewGuid();
			var accountId= Guid.NewGuid();
			var assetId= Guid.NewGuid();

            req.Entities = new[]
                new bfsapi.Reservation()
                    Account = accountId,
                    Asset = assetId,
                    Comment = "Testreservation",
                    Reference = orderRef,
                    Order = orderRef,
                    ReservedAmountTrade = 100M,
					ReservedAmountSettlement = 100M
                    OverrideMustCover = true

            var resp = target.CreateReservations(req);

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