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These release notes contain functional changes, improvements and solved issues in Bricknode Broker v 2.10


Note! This is public, so don´t enter any confidential data. 

Read our change log to get all information about which API-methods that are affected. 

New Features

This section describes a brand new functionality. 

New Login page for Bricknode Broker Admin

We have created a new design on the login page of Bricknode Broker Admin. On this page we will continuously update you with news, good to have information etc. 

New Add-on - Switch orders

Many of our customers have requested the possibility to handle switch orders. With this add-on can you conduct switches of instruments like funds, stocks, etc. It gives you the ability to directly switch all or part of a holding in one instrument, to another instrument. 
Switch Orders is an add-on available in the Bricknode Marketplace.

Locked out users on Dashboard

If there are users that are locked out from Bricknode Broker a group box will be visible on the Dashboard, where back office administrators can unlock or terminate the user. These are shortcuts for the status boxes in the details tab on the user. 

The group box is also visible for partners if the setting is enabled that allows partners to edit customer details (System Data > System Settings). 


To get a good summary of which fund entities and funds as a fund company has, we have created two new tabs, where you can get a good overview. 

The legal structure could look like the chart below. A Fund Entity is a Legal Entity that represents a fund like an investment fund and is tied to a Fund company that manages the funds. 

Image Modified

Related orders


You will get a complete picture of what's active on the current account.

Recurring Orders

We have added a new group box in the customer account overview called recurring orders. This box will only be visible if the customer has recurring orders like Autogiro. 

Image Modified

Section on customer front that shows forms

A section on the customer front that displays forms that are uploaded on the house with access right "All". 


New settings to control what should be visible on the account overview

These settings decides what should be visible on the account overview in Front and Admin. You also decide return period, weekly, monthly, yearly or year to date. 

System Data > System Settings > Front
Image Modified


Read our change log to get all information about which API-methods that are affected. Presented below are some of the changes that have been made: 

Subscription Orders

Updated API method: 


New API methods: 


SubscriptionOrder Workflow Transitions



Filter on TransactionReference in GetBusinessTransactions. It's a new filter, you can submit transaction reference and receive the transactions that have that reference. 

Updated API method: GetBusinessTransactions


We have added properties to UpdatePerson-method.



Changes of existing functionality.

Improved POA ticket

When adding a Power of Attorney to an account you can in the same ticket set an partner as reseller for the account and as a reseller for the person. 

New column in Manual and Internal order list

Rearrange tabs in System Data 

We have rearranged the tabs in System Data and aslo sorted it alphabetically.

Image Modified

Name changes in menus

We have changed the name from Add-on to Marketplace in Bricknode Broker, we offer both add-ons and external apps. 


Added order to the names in the action menu for Trades. 

Other improvements

BFSV2-5976 - Added Subscription Orders tab for all instrument types

BFSV2-6748 - Add Market value to Account lists. We have added Market value to Active Accounts, Locked Accounts and Terminated Account lists.

BFSV2-6822 - In system data when creating, for example, a category we will be able to add Label in the same ticket. Before you hade to open a new ticket to create the label, so this new improvement will save time.  

Fixed issues

Issues resolved in this release.

BFSV2-4896 - Was not possible to search in the search fields in the section Issued Powers of Attorney

BFSV2-6710 - Hide checkboxes on create user if an addon is disabled

BFSV2-6484 - Transaction list remembers search, on type key, but doesnt show it. 

BFSV2-6629 - Logo for Customer Front does not appear in browser tab. 

BFSV2-6744 - Transactions did not show when filtering on settlement date, trade date and system date in the business transactions. 

BFSV2-6771 - Could not export account transactions. 

BFSV2-6782 - The calculation of the development in precentage is not valid when the starting value is zero or less. The calculation was also wrong since it used the end-value as reference instead of the starting value.

BFSV2-6796 - Some sell orders that is generated from allocation templates does not follow the specified number of decimals on their respective instrument.

BFSV2-6779 - Cannot update CustomFields in API

BFSV2-6781 - Y axis labels not shown in percentage

BFSV2-6782 - Development in percentage is wrong

BFSV2-6837 - The fund diagram is not displayed if you click the fund through the account.

BFSV2-6739 - No option in drop down menu "No series key" when creating a new Account Type.