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rootBFS for Financial Institutions

To get started with trading you need to configure a few things.

First you need to set up at least one financial instrument that you can offer your customers to invest in. Once you have created an instrument you need to have price quotes for it. You can input these manually or you can activate a feed in the add-on marketplace.

If you want to offer trading of funds you can do so directly with fund companies which is described here, Trade investment funds directly with fund entities using your own book, or you can go to the add-on marketplace and activate a trade route like Nordic Fund Market, Mutual Fund Exchange (MFEX) or another supported trade route.

You need to have at least one customer in the system which you can manage by reading this article: User Management

Your customer then needs at least one account which you can read about here: Create account or account application

An example of how to conduct actual trading is described here: Trade Manual

One of the most important operation conducted by your back office staff is the daily reconciliations of accounts. The custody accounts owned by the house (you) should always agree with the statements from your custodians (banks and brokers) where you have your assets. By navigating to Positions in BFS and then filter on the settlement dimension, balance date, currency and account type you can see what the custody account balances per asset was in BFS for a certain date, this should then agree with your custody statements from your custodians.

Also make sure to read the article about Subscription orders where you can work with subscriptions to new instrument issues in the primary market.