Create account or account application

BFS Version: 2.X

To create an account for a customer you first have to navigate to the customer in Bricknode Financial Systems. You then have two options. You can either create the account right away or you can initiate an account application.

Create Account

The Create Account dialogue will open containing a number of properties which can be defined.


  1. Account
    Account Type, Account Label, Currency, Comment and Status is self explanatory. The account types available in the system are found under System Data  > Account Types.
    If the account should be connected to an Allocation Profile. 
    The Acquisition Value Method defines how the acquisition value changes when performing trades.
    External Reference can be defined if an outside system should be able to identify the account via API.
    If Prevent Overdraft is selected he account is not allowed to trade on margin.
    High Watermark is only visible when editing an account. 

  2. Relationships  
    By default the Partner is set to the house but can be changed if a certain advisor or reseller should be associated with the account.
    When creating an account, the contact (who should receive communication) will by default be the owner of the account. This contact will receive information about the account in account statements, activity statements, and notes. 

  3. POA (Powers of Attorney)

Create Account Application

In order to start a new account application which the customer can complete themselves you would click the button titled Create Account Application to open the dialogue below.

The properties are similar to the Create Account dialogue but a bit fewer. Once confirmed the application will appear on the customer portal as well.

The customer can select to edit the application to complete any associated questionnaires and then submit the application for review.

When the customer clicks "Send" an approval screen is shown and the application status will then change.

The "Send"-button has disappeared and the application is waiting for approval.

Backoffice users can now continue to approve the application by creating the account.

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