Requests - Create, Get and Update


The request of the create methods in the API contains something called Entities.  It contains an object or an array of objects that you want to create. 


The  request of the get methods of the API contains of two things:

Args: This is the search filter of the method. If you leave this empty you will get all results available in the database. To search for objects with specific attribute values, just assign the attribute that you want with the specified value.

Fields: This tells the API what data you want in the response. Assign the attribute with true if you are interested in that specific attribute data or false if you are not. You can also leave the attributes undefined, they will default to false. 


The request of the update methods of the API is a mix of Create- and Get-methods and contain the following:

Entities: This is both a search filter and contains the new information about the object you want to update.

Fields: Here you define which values you want to update and which ones that will remain untouched.

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