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These release notes contain new features, improvements, and fixed issues in release 2.24.
Release date: 2020-06-08 20.00-22.00

New Features and Improvements

This section describes new functionality and changes in existing functionality.

New add-on - Order Import

Order Import is a fast, flexible, and efficient add-on that allows you to import several trade orders in Bricknode Broker. 
Use our example file to import your orders in Bricknode Broker. 


Possibility to handle custom fields on the house. 


We added a new property on a legal entity called GIIN (Global Intermediary Identification Number) consisting of 19 characters and is used to identify a financial intermediary in various situations, like FATCA-reporting for example

You will find the new property on the Detail tab under Legal Information. 

Image Modified

New values in CSV-export


We have removed the possibility for a partner to edit, and cancel orders (orders and autogiro) in the partner front. 

API - 2.24

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and update your service reference.
Please read our changelog to get all the information about which API-methods that are affected.

We will remove the property isLocked from the account. In 2.23 we changed isLocked to new property LockedStatusKey.


BFSV2-7893 - We have added a field "Settled amount" in the prepaid ticket for the internal orders. (Support-4645)
BFSV2-7838 - Missing status, Removed, in drop-down menu > Instruments (Support-4645)
BFSV2-7880 - When looking at analysis on the customer view the piecharts display the wrong text. (Support-4565)
BFSV2-7903 - We have removed marked value change (+/-) in position lists (Position, Account overview, and House overview) since the value sometimes show incorrect value. (Support-3959)

BFSV2-7914 - Fixed the search filter to show the correct result when filtering on settlement date and trade date. The error occurred when the order was edited. (Support-4539)
BFSV2-7904 - CTRL-click on transaction number opened a new tab. (Support-4672)
BFSV2-7880 - Piecharts at the customer view 
displayed the wrong text. (Support-4565)
BFSV2-7920 - It was possible to select a locked account after clicking on buy and sell buttons in the customer front. It should not be possible to buy and sell on a locked account. 
BFSV2-7926 - Sell button in the quick menu didn´t work. (Support-4739)
BFSV2-7854 - Old TRS1 properties was used instead of default market place (Support-4566)
BFSV2-7961 - If multiple subscription orders were updated in GUI with reservations, trading power was only checked for each order, which meant that the account could get negative available amount if multiple orders exist for the same account. (Support-7961)
BFSV2-7948 - Email address did not change in the quick menu when updated the email address under Contact info on the tab Detail on a customer.
BFSV2-7965 - Hide positions in the switch ticket on the customer and partner front where the instrument has status OpenAdmin. (Support-7821)
BFSV2-7702 - Change reservation of order when removing fee in edit-ticket. 
BFSV2-7968 - Show all positions in the position list in the Account report. (Support-4824)
BFSV2-7965 - Hide positions in the switch ticket on the front where the instrument has status Open Admin. (Support-7965)