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pageReconciliation Manager

Guide how to make reconciliation in the add-on. 

1. Look for differences internally

Go to the reconciliation overview and check for differences between the internal accounts and internal custody on both cash and instrument. Use the settlement dimension and yesterday.

Read more here: 1. Reconciliation Overview

2. Find the first difference

If there are differences you need to find which day the difference has occurred. Go to the position history for the asset in question and locate the first day the difference has occurred.

Read more here: 2. Position History

3. Compare transactions

When you have located the first day when a difference has occurred you click the House symbol to make a comparison of the transactions created that day to find the cause of the difference.

Read more here: 3. Compare transactions - Internal

4. Fix the differences 

When you have located the cause of the difference you need to fix it. Depending on the type of error the solution can be different. Here are some example´s of errors and how to fix them:

  • We haven't corrected all transactions (both in settle- and trade dimension) that belong to a certain business event or order. Solution: Find the transactions and correct them. It is now possible to search on an amount in the transaction list, which could be helpful here. 
  • We have used "Create Transaction" and forgot to make both settle and trade transactions. Solution: use Create Transaction, select transaction type and make correct transactions. 
  • We have used "Create Transaction and made transactions in the wrong direction on Custody. Solution: Correct transactions and use create transaction again. 

Iterate step 2 to 4 for each asset that has a difference.