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pageTRS2 Reporting

Outgoing Files

Here you manage the files that should be sent to FSA or view files already sent.

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Export Batch IdA unique id of the xml batch file
TimestampWhen the xml file was created
StatusStatus on the export, possible values Created, Sent, Received and Rejected.
Daily noSequence number of xml file for a specific day, to see how many files been created on that day
TransactionsNumber of transactions in the file
FilenameName of the xml batch file
File IdUnique id of the file

Create and send file to FSA

When all transactions are valid and ready to be sent (see section Transactions) you press the button "Create FSA File" to create a xml file.

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A new row in the list is created with information about the file that was just created.

Click the "Download" button if you want to view the file or save it locally on the computer.

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Click the button "Send to FSA" when you want to send the xml file to FSA. The file is then uploaded to their FTP.

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