Create Advice for a customer

BFS Version: 2.X

  1. When templates are created they can be used in the customer view. Go to the submenu Advices and add an advisor template by pressing the action menu 

  2. Select the template that should be used.

    Advice Template: selectable templates
    Get Values From: load data from a previous template
    Partner: which partner who is reaponsible for the advisory session
    Comment: appropriate comment


  3. The advice template is now created and is in the state In Progress. The template can now be filled with information. Press the button, , and a new tab will be visible. 

  4. Press the tab, Questionnaire to fill information in the template. 

  5. Fill the form with appropriate information. The fields marked with an  must be filled in. When you are satisfied press   (Save)

  6. To send the advisory form to the customer press the action menu, "Send To Customer". 

  7. A pop up ticket will appear on the screen with a question if you want to send the advisory form to the customer. Press Confirm to proceed. 

  8. The status is changed to Waiting to be signed

  9. Press "Print" in the action menu to print the advisory form for the customer. The form will be opened in a new window to be printed.  

  10. Press the action menu to send the advisory form to the Compliance function in the company. A pop up ticket will appear and press confirm to proceed. 

  11. The status is now changed to Waiting for Compliance. From this state we can choose to send the advice to back office or immediately execute. In this example we will press Send to Back office.


  12. The status is now changed to Waiting for Backoffice. From this status Back office can Execute or Reject the advice. 

  13. A pop up ticket will appear. Press confirm to execute the advice.

  14. When pressing confirm the status of the advisory form will be changed to Done and to be able to see the advice again in the list, status must be changed in the drop down menu to Done and press search 

  15. If there is a need to make a change in the advice press "Demand Alter" in the action menu and a pop up ticket will appear. Press confirm if you want to proceed. The status will go back to In Progess and now you can update the advice and send to the customer again. This action can be done from three different statuses: Waiting to be signed, Waiting for Compliance and Waiting for Back office. 


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