Bricknode Support - Working in JIRA Service Desk

The main page of Bricknode Support. You can search in our knowledgebase for answers or raise a support request from the options below.

  • Report an issue: If there is a software incident 

  • Question: "How-to-questions"

  • Request new features: New feature or orders for example reports

  • Request access: Request access to Bricknode Support

  • Billing: Question about the billing

Submit a request to JIRA Service Desk. 

Heading: when you start typing in the field "Heading" you will get a list of suggested KB-articles
Description: please type as much information about the problem as possible
Priority: Urgent, Critical, Major, Minor and Trivial.
Attachments: to facilitate troubleshooting please attach a screenshot 
Components: modules of BFS, Customer Front, Partner, Back office, or API

Press the button "Send" to submit the request. 

You can view your requests by pressing the menu "My requests"

Your request will be listed in a list, and you can choose if you want to see openall or closed requests in a drop-down menu. 

Your requests can have different status

  • New: Bricknode have received your request, but not started working with the issue

  • Working: Bricknode have started to work on the issue

  • Waiting for IT: A developer is working on the issue, for example, bug

  • Waiting for Product Owner: The product owner group will estimate and schedule the new feature

  • Wating for customer: Waiting for an answer from the customer

  • Closed: The issue is solved. There is also a possibility to reopen the issue again if the problem returns. 

You can easily search among your requests. You need to enter the whole case number, for example, SUPPORT-XXXX



You can easily add comments or attachments to the request. 


You can also add participants to your requests, by clicking on “Share". The person that you add will receive updates as well about the request. 


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