How to use Huddlestock Support Portal



On the main page of the support portal, you can easily find direct links to our extensive knowledge base and API documentation.

If you need assistance and can´t find the answer in our knowledgebase please submit a request in our portals.


Software Support


  • Question: Got a 'how-to' question? Ask away! Whether it's about using our software or navigating our services, we're here to provide clear, helpful answers to guide you every step of the way.

  • Report an issue: Having trouble with our software? Let us know what's going on by filling out the form.

  • Request an order: Need to place an order or have a feature you'd like to see in our software? Share your request with us here. We value your input and will consider all suggestions to enhance our products and services.

  • Billing: Have a question about your bill or payment? We're here to help. Feel free to ask us anything related to billing, and we'll provide you with the assistance and clarity you need.




Submit a request to Software Support

Heading: Brief information about the request. When you start typing you will get a list of suggested KB articles.
Description: Please type as much information about the request/issue as possible
Attachments: to facilitate troubleshooting please attach a screenshot 
What is the impact on your business? Blocker, Critical, Major, and Minor.
Components: Please specify the system module or feature you need help with.

Press the button "Send" to submit the request. 

You can view your requests by clicking the menu "My requests"

Your request will be listed in a list, and you can choose if you want to see openall, or closed requests in a drop-down menu. 

Your requests can have different status

  • New: Bricknode has received your request but has not started working on the issue.

  • Working: Bricknode has started to work on the issue.

  • Waiting for IT: A developer is working on the issue.

  • Waiting for customer: Waiting for an answer from the customer

  • Closed: The issue is solved. There is also a possibility to reopen the issue again if the problem returns. 

You can easily search among your requests. You need to enter the whole case number, for example, SUPPORT-XXXX



You can easily add comments or attachments to the request. 


You can also add participants to your requests, by clicking on “Share". The person that you add will receive updates as well about the request. 


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