Buy via Autogiro with currency exchange

In this example, we will use an instrument traded in USD.

Navigate to the action menu on the account and select Trade Order to create a buy order using a settlement account of the type autogiro.

Select the instrument that you want to buy by clicking on the button Choose.

Enter the information in the ticket and click Confirm to create the order.

First, an automatic order (autogiro order) will be created in SEK and when the money is available on the account the exchange order to USD is activated. When the exchange order is done the trade order is activated.





Settlement Account

Type of account should be used, in this case, Autogiro, but can be bank giro, bank transfer, or the customers holding account.

Bank Account

The external account on the customers bank. The external account is found on the tab External Accounts on the customer overview. The External account, called admission, must be activated before it can be used for the trade order.


How often do you want the deposit to be made. One-time payment, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly.


Select day in month/quarter/half year/year where the job Create Automatic Payments should create the autogior order. The first payment will be made the day after this day from the bank.

First Month

Select start month.

Payment date

Used for one-time payments. This is the date when the job Create Automatic Payments should create the autogiro order. The cash will be transferred from the bank one day after this date.


A deposit is created and the link symbol is visible meaning the order is linked.

All deposit orders are handled via the automatic batch job that creates autogiro orders. The job is scheduled in the morning but can be handled manually. (Read more here).

When the job is finished the autogiro order will be placed and can now be exported to BGC.

On the customer overview, we will now see an autogiro order that is placed, an exchange order, and a manual order that is in order status pending finance.

The autogiro order will be exported in a file to BGC (read more here) and will get order status Sent (Active). When BGC has handled the order the back office administrators will receive a file to import to Bricknode Broker and the order will get status order status finished and the money is now available for the exchange order.

The exchange order is in status Placed and The manual order is still pending finance since we are waiting for the exchange order.

Navigate to the Order Management > Exchange orders to view the order. You will see the link symbol on the order meaning that it's linked to other orders. Handel the order according to its order flow (execution interface).

When the exchange order is finished (status settled) the manual order will get status placed and can be handled according to its order flow (execution interface). The customer now has reserved USD on the account instead of SEK and we can now continue with the trade. The USD is reserved for the manual order and can not be withdrawn.

When the manual order is finished the customer will receive a position in the instrument.

The transactions that have been made.




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