FSA - Status History

Status History

Here can you view and download processed FSA files. The files are imported and processed automatically by a job and will be listed here when are finished. They will get status Processed. 

If you want to view the XML file you can do this by clicking the Download button. The file is zip:ed so you need to unzip it before it can be viewed.

The XML files are updated with the status from FSA (see table below for possible statuses) and the transactions in the batch are updated with the status from FSA.

FSA status



Received. FSA has received the file but are missing information to set status. Status will be received in a later file.


Rejected. The file is rejected by FSA. Reasons for this could be that there are rejected transactions in the file. See more information below.


Partial. The file contains a mix of transactions with different statuses.


Accepted. The file is accepted.

Status information from FSA (e.g. reject reasons) for transactions are stored on the individual transaction and can be viewed in the Transactions list. 

If you click + on the transaction the information from FSA can be viewed. Information about the error codes can be found here: Information from FSA

You need to correct whatever is incorrect and set the status to "ReadyToBeSent" on the transaction. Now you can export a new batch file and send it to FSA, see section Outgoing Files.

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