Important settings in Bricknode for TRS2 reporting

Some settings in Bricknode Broker are particularly important to consider before TRS2 reporting.

LEI on the house

The LEI number on the house needs to be set. Navigate to House> Details> MiFID ll

Primary market

Navigate to Places in System Data to register the Primary market for all instruments that should be TRS-reported. 

A list of valid MICs is available here:

Important to remember: 

  • Enter MiFID Country

  • Enter a place for unlisted securities not to be reported

  • Enter a place for OTC to be reported, which will be used for execution. 


NOTRS is used for deals between two house accounts
OTC is used for deals in securities which are listed
UNLISTED should be used as Primary market for securities which are not listed

Set Primary Market on Instruments

For the instruments to be TRS-reported, we need to enter the Primary market.

MiFID ll on customers

Customers need to be updated with MiFID ll information. Customer> Details> MiFID ll.

Activate MiFID ll in Bricknode Broker

Setting to enable MiFID ll, which means that only users who are MiFID-approved can place orders to instruments that should be TRS-reported.

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