Business Events

The business event object binds, orders, transactions, notes, and deals, together to an event, which involves all trading workflows in Bricknode Broker. 

Navigate to Order Management > Business Events to view the created events.

Click at "Fullinfo" to view a specific business event. 

It's easy to see if for example an order or transaction belongs to a business event because it has a small symbol, 
We can always click the icon to be able to view the business event. 

As mentioned earlier the business event will show all events that belongs to a specific business event.

  1. Shows information about the business event
  2. Information about the order
  3. Information about the instrument
  4. Information about the accounts that belongs to the order. 
  5. Information about Notes that belongs to the event (both customer note and counter party note)
  6. Information about the Deals that belongs to the event
  7. Information about Business Transactions
  8. Information about Account Transactions
  9. Information about Execution Interface of the order

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