MiFID II 10 % alert

According to MiFID II regulations, a financial intermediary/securities firm has to notify customers who either participate in discretionary portfolio management or invests in what is classified as complex financial instruments if their holding or portfolio declines more than 10 % during a quarter. For each 10 % decline like 20 %, 30 %, 40 %, etc. within the quarter a new alert has to be generated.

This application conducts a daily scan of all alert enabled portfolios and instruments and delivers an alert report to you and can notify customers through three channels:

  • Creates a message within the customer portal of Bricknode Broker with the details of the alert and sends an e-mail notification to the customer saying that an important message is ready to be read within the customer portal.

  • An e-mail that contains the full details of the alert.

  • An SMS message with the overall details of the alert.

These channels can be combined or used on their own.

Portfolio alerts

Once the app is enabled you can enable or disable scanning for individual portfolios by navigating to the allocation profile and create the custom field called exactly TenPercentAlert (this is case sensitive) and set the value to true.

Complex instrument alerts

Navigate to the instrument and enable the 10 % alert setting and this will enable an alert that triggers when a position in this instrument has a drawdown of the corresponding amount.

Account alerts

This alert type will scan all customer accounts in the Broker system and generate alerts for drawdowns on those individual accounts.

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