Create Claim

BFS Version: 2.02

Insurance Policies are created in the Insurance Overview on the Insurances tab for a customer.

An Insurance Policy has to exist before a claim can be created.

  1. In the aciton menu for an Insurance Policy choose Insurance Claim.
  2. Select Insurance Coverage. The dropdown contains the insurance coverages that are associated to the insurance program.

  3.  The first tab shows properties that are common for all types of covers.

    The properties mean as follows.

    Insurance CoveragesLink to the associated insurance cover
    Case WorkerThe assigned administrator for the case
    NewThe claim was just created
    AssignedThe claim has been assigned to an administrator
    RejectedThe claim was rejected
    ClosedThe claim was closed
    PriorityThe priority of the claim
    Claim DateThe date on which the claim was opened
    Receive DateThe date on which the claim was received from the customer
    Benefit GrandThe claims payment amount
    CommentsFree text comment about the claim
  4. The second tab shows properties that are specific for the selected coverage. 

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