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When using this method all the filter inputs (of type GetFileInfoArgs) are optional. The They are used to filter the list in the response.


NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdsGuid[]An array of file Guids (unique identifier of file in BFS) 

ContentTypesstring[]An array of content types  

CreatedByGuid[]An array of person Guids who created the file in BFS  

CreatedDateFromDateTime?The date time that the desired files where created from  

CreatedDateToDateTime?The date time that the desired files where created to  

FileContextGuid[]The owner of the file  

NamestringThe name of a file  

PermissionFilePermission?[]Permission on file; FilePermission.AdminOnly / FilePermission.AdminPartner / FilePermission.All  

Response rows (Array of type GetFileInfoResponseRow) 

NameTypeDescriptionAvailable from version
FilePermissionintPermission on file; FilePermission.AdminOnly / FilePermission.AdminPartner / FilePermission.All 
BrickIdGuidThe identifier of the file 
CreatedDateDateTimeCreated date 
FileContentTypestringThe content type
NamestringThe name of the file 
FileContextGuidThe owner of the file 
FileSizeint?The size of the file 

Code examples

Code Block
titleC# - Get File list of a BFS instance
 //example of how to retrieve a filelist from an instance of BFS
var client = new BFSServiceReference.bfsapiSoapClient();
var credentials = new BFSServiceReference.Credentials()
    UserName = bfsusername, //Username of administrative user in your instance of BFS
    Password = bfspassword, //Password of the administrative user in your instance of BFS
GetFileListResponse oResp = client.GetFileList(new GetFileListRequest
    Credentials = credentials,
    identify = bfsidentifier, //Identifier is a unique token for your instance of BFS
    Args = new GetFileInfoArgs
        CreatedDateFrom = new DateTime(2015, 1, 1)
    Fields = new GetFileInfoFields
        BrickId = true,
        CreatedDate = true,
        Name = true
 foreach (GetFileInfoResponseRow oResponseRow in oResp.Result)