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Filter inputs

NameTypeDescriptionMandatoryAvailable from version
BrickIdGuid[]The BrickId (unique id) of the message
New method in 2.24


DateTimeThe date the message was created

ReceiversGuid[]The user associated with the Tasktask

Subjectsstring[]The heading of the task

Bodiesstring[]The descriptive text of the task

IsReadboolIf the message is read by the customer

IsPublicboolIf the message is public

IsPromotedboolIf the message is promoted

EventDateFromDateTimeThe from-date of message

EventDateToDateTimeThe to-date of message

IsHTMLboolIf the text contains html

Statusstring[]The status of the task, allowed values: "Created", "InProgress", "Done", "Closed"


string[]The priority of the task, allowed values: "High", "Medium", "Low"