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Filter inputs

MandatoryAvailable from version

Filter by array of BrickIds. BrickId is the internal id of a trade order.

TradeOrderTypeStringFilter trade orders by type.

StatesString[]Filter trade orders by states.

InstrumentsGuid[]Filter by array of InstrumentIds.

AccountsGuid[]Filter by array of AccountIds.

ExternalReferenceStringFilter by ExternalReference

OrderNosString[]Filter by order numbers
ExternalFundBatchOrdersGuid[]Filter by array of External Fund Batch Orders
IsPrePayedBoolTrue if the orders should be filtered on the pre pay order process
AllocationInstanceGuid[]The BrickIds of the associated allocation instance if any. An allocation instance is created when implementing a new allocation model in the user interface of BFS
AllocationOrderGuid[]The BrickIds of any associated Allocation Orders
ExecutionInterfaceGuid[]The BrickId of any associated Execution Interface
ExecutionInterfaceKeyString[]The key name of any associated Execution Interface
CreatedDateFromDateTimeWhen used, both from date and to date should be provided in the request


Response rows (Array)

Available from version

The BrickId of the trade order

TradeOrderTypeStringThe type of the order
AccountGuidThe trade order's associated account
CashAmountDecimalThe amount in cash
InstrumentAmountDecimalThe amount in units
TradeOrderDirectionKeyString"Buy" or "Sell"
InstrumentGuidThe associated instrument
CashGuidThe associated Cash
PriceDoubleThe price of the trade order
StateStringThe current state of the trade order
IsUnitOrderBoolTrue if the order is traded in units
OrderNoStringThe order number of the trade order
LimitPriceDecimalThe limit price of the trade order
CashTradeDateDateTimeThe date when the trade was executed2.02.20160422
CashSettlementDateDateTimeThe date the trade order was settled2.02.20160422
InstrumentTradeDateDateTimeThe date when the trade was executed2.02.20160422
InstrumentSettlementDateDateTimeThe date the instrument units was settled2.02.20160422
ExternalReferenceStringExternal reference on the order

Order settlement type is only applicable for orders with the Internal execution interface.



PRICE (Not supported)

ExecutionInterfaceKeyStringThe key name of the associated execution interface2.02
ExecutionInterfaceGuidThe BrickId of the execution interface2.02
AllocationOrderGuidThe BrickId of the associated Allocation Order if any2.02
AllocationInstanceGuidThe BrickId of the associated allocation instance if any. An allocation instance is created when implementing a new allocation model in the user interface of BFS2.02
CreatedDateDateTimeThe timestamp of when the order was created2.02
IsPrePayedBoolTrue if the order follows the pre pay order process2.02
ExternalFundBatchOrderGuidThe BfsId of any associated ExternalFundBatchOrder2.02.20160422
DisplayPercentagePriceBoolIf price is in persentage of MinimumLotSize2.02
CustomFieldsObject[]CustomFields is an array of CustomField objects. Each CustomField consists of two strings, FieldName and Value. There are no datatypes associated with these properties, they are just a way for api-users to add custimized data to the object.2.09

Code examples

C# - GetTradeOrders
//Use the GetTradeOrders method to get all trading related orders with a certain reference in the BFS instance and write
//the information in the console
var client = new BFSServiceReference.bfsapiSoapClient();

var credentials = new BFSServiceReference.Credentials()
    UserName = bfsusername, //Username of administrative user in your instance of BFS
    Password = bfspassword, //Password of the administrative user in your instance of BFS

var accounttypes = client.GetTradeOrders(new BFSServiceReference.GetTradeOrdersRequest()
    Credentials = credentials,

    identify = bfsidentifier, //Identifier is a unique token for your instance of BFS  

    Args = new GetTradeOrdersArgs()
        ExternalReference = "MyTestOrder"


    Fields = new BFSServiceReference.GetTradeOrderFields()
        BrickId = true,
        TradeOrderType = true,
        Account = true,
        CashAmount = true,
        InstrumentAmount = true,
        TradeOrderDirectionKey = true,
        Instrument = true,
        Cash = true,
        Price = true,
        State = true,
        IsUnitOrder = true,
        OrderNo = true,
        LimitPrice = true,
        CashTradeDate = true,
        CashSettlementDate = true,
        InstrumentTradeDate = true,
        InstrumentSettlementDate = true,
        ExternalReference = true,
        OrderSettlementType = true,
        ExecutionInterfaceKey = true,
        AllocationOrder = true,
        AllocationInstance = true,
        CreatedDate = true,
        ExecutionInterface = true,
        IsPrePayed = true,
		ExternalFundBatchOrder = true,

foreach (var c in accounttypes.Result)
    Console.WriteLine(c.BrickId + ","
        + c.TradeOrderType
        + ","
        + c.Account
        + ","
        + c.CashAmount
        + ","
        + c.InstrumentAmount
        + ","
        + c.TradeOrderDirectionKey
        + ","
        + c.Instrument
        + ","
        + c.Cash
        + ","
        + c.Price
        + ","
        + c.State
        + ","
        + c.IsUnitOrder
        + ","
        + c.OrderNo
        + ","
        + c.LimitPrice
        + ","
        + c.CashTradeDate
        + ","
        + c.CashSettlementDate
        + ","
        + c.InstrumentTradeDate
        + ","
        + c.InstrumentSettlementDate
        + ","
        + c.ExternalReference
        + ","
        + c.OrderSettlementType
        + ","
        + c.ExecutionInterfaceKey
        + ","
        + c.ExecutionInterface
        + ","
        + c.AllocationOrder
        + ","
        + c.AllocationInstance
        + ","
        + c.CreatedDate
        + ","
        + c.IsPrePayed
		+ ","
		+ c.ExternalFundBatchOrder


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